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Discover the Benefits of Plantation Shutters With By His Hands, LLC

Discover the Benefits of Plantation Shutters With By His Hands, LLC

By His Hands, LLC is a home improvement contractor with years of experience in various types of window treatments for residential properties, specializing in crafting and installing plantation shutters to measure.

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One of the most popular requests that outdoor shades contractors receive from customers is installing plantation shutters over their windows. As the name indicates, plantation shutters used to be the window treatment of choice on large plantation mansions due to the scorching summers and cold winters. This is the key benefit of plantation shutter installation: the room will be cool during summer and warm in winter. The specially angled louvers of the plantation shutters deflect sunlight and prevent warmth from leaving the room.

Create Your Own Plantation Shutters

The increased popularity of plantation shutters is explained by their versatility. You can opt for outdoor shutters or indoor shutters, and they can be made to measure to fit your windows perfectly. 

Other key benefits of the privacy shutters for porch and other areas of your home are:

  • They are available in a wide range of materials to fit any budget
  • They can be painted in any color you wish to match the room
  • They open like windows – no cords. This makes them a safe option for families with children
  • Light control – you can adjust the angle of the plantation shutters to dim the glare.

Moreover, both outdoor and indoor shutters need little maintenance and are very easy to clean and keep in good condition over the years.

Choose Professional Plantation Shutter Installation

Although DIY forums state that anyone can install their plantation shutters, this is a job best left to a skilled professional. A home improvement contractor will complete the installation of your shutters quickly, with no damage to the walls and in perfect alignment to the windows.

After all, since you called the plantation shutter company to take precise measures, you want the same precision in installation. Just a little bit to the right or left, and the plantation shutters will look off-centered compared to the window and will not do their proper job of protecting your privacy.

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By His Hands specializes in home improvement projects, from simple plantation shutter installation to complex window treatments, and services residential customers living in:

  • Austin Metroplex
  • Marble Falls
  • Georgetown.

Give your home more privacy and enhanced energy efficiency with plantation shutters. Get in touch today!

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